What is Fanar Programs?


Fanar Programs inspire teenagers to grow and develop into leaders who foster positive change in their communities. Our holistic approach creates an immersive and memorable experience for our students, combining education with dorm life, extracurricular activities and confidence-building activities.


Our Core Values

At Fanar, our personal values are respect, honesty, responsibility, and engagement are the cornerstones to our personal values. We treat everyone with kindness, empathy, and respect, valuing their unique perspectives. We engage with people who may be different from us, and expect honesty in all aspects;from following guides to admitting mistakes. This builds trust within our community. Responsibility is also key, as we encourage active participation in the community and environmental awareness. Together, these values create a positive and supportive environment for everyone in our community.

At Fanar, our academic values are curiosity, excellence, humility and integrity are at the core of our academic values. We embrace a curious learning environment where we delve deeply into subjects, valuing questions and diverse perspectives. With humility, we recognize that continuous growth is possible through reflective and growth-oriented understanding. Our pursuit of excellence drives us to find the best solution, pushing ourselves to complete tasks with integrity, dedication and diligence.